Why Work with Cavalier Estates Property Management

We want to talk to you a little bit about what differentiates Cavalier Estates from our competition. The first thing that jumps to my mind is the fact that we have long term tenants. We look for people who want to establish roots, hang pictures on the wall, really settle in and make a property their home. Our average tenant stays for around five years. When we do have a tenant who wants to move, that person will often move into a different house that we manage because we have so many good options in our portfolio of homes.

If someone truly does need to leave at the end of a lease period, maybe because they have to move completely from the Tampa Bay area, we begin advertising immediately. The tenants actually show the property for us while they are still living there. There is never any down time or loss of rent. We have one tenant move out, we clean the property out and then we hand the keys over to the new tenant. It keeps the entire process moving for everyone involved.

Another reason people like to work with us is our responsiveness. We are easy to reach any time an owner needs us and if we can’t pick up the phone right away, we return calls within minutes. This is a business and we treat our owners as business partners. We can often work out agreements with our owners that fit their needs. Every investment property owner is different and they each have different needs. We understand that, and we manage based on the owner’s expectations. Some people come to us with properties that are ready to go and sometimes they come to us with houses that are really beat up and need some work.

We have an entire team of contractors. Anything that is needed to fix up or renovate a house is taken care of. This is important when people come to us with properties that need some work. We get everything done quickly so that house can get right back on the market. We can fix up and rent out a house in a matter of weeks.

All of our systems are automated. We use Appfolio to track all rent payments and to ensure we are able to pay our owners via ACH within the first ten days of every month. We track every invoice and work order and we send those out to property owners on a monthly basis. We don’t earn anything unless the owners get their rent. Another thing that’s different about Cavalier Estates is that we don’t require any money from our owners up front, unless the property does require a lot of work.

Why Work with Cavalier Estates Property Management

If you have any questions about why you should work with us, please contact us at Cavalier Estates and we’d be happy to provide you with more information.




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